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ABB DG/S1.64.5.1 DALI Gateway, Premium, 1-fold, MDRC

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ABB DG/S1.64.5.1 DALI Gateway, Premium, 1-fold, MDRC

The ABB KNX DALI-Gateway DG/S 1.1 is a modular installation device with a module width of 4 units in proM design for installation in the distribution board. The connection to the KNX Bus is established using the bus connecting terminal at the front of the device. The assignment of the physical addresses as well as the parameterisation is carried out with the
Engineering Tool Software ETS.

For controlling DALI devices via the ABB i-bus® KNX. One DALI output for up to 64 DALI slaves. DALI power supply is integrated. Control and status feedback is carried out via KNX per DALI slave (64), with 16 lighting groups, together in broadcast or per scenes (16). DALI devices type DT1 (Self-contained emergency converter acc. EN 62386-202) and type DT8 (colour temperature Tc / tunable white acc. EN 62386-209) will be supported.

The DALI addresses are allocated individually and automatically by the DG/S 1.1. A change of the DALI addresses is possible if required with the separate DGS11 Software Tool, even without ETS. The 64 DALI devices connected to the main channel A can be directly switched, dimmed or controlled with a brightness value using just one EIB / KNX communication object. The scanning of the individual lamp or ballast fault, as well as the activation of a burn-in time or slave operation for every device, is implemented using coded address-based control with two communication objects. All 64 DALI devices connected to a second auxiliary channel B can be individually controlled using broadcast mode or address- based control. Primarily, auxiliary channel B is a broadcast channel which is used to control all devices from a common source.

Furthermore, the setting of 15 light scenes via the ETS or via the EIB / KNX communication object is possible via a push button. The light scene can be combined from any of the 128 DALI devices connected to the gateway. Both channels can be controlled or scanned independently of each other via broadcast commands.

The lamp burn-in time can be activated individually via coded control or commonly for all 64 devices.

Group assignment of the DALI devices is implemented with the EIB / KNX group functions.

The DALI-Gateway DG/S 1.1 requires an AC or DC auxiliary voltage. The DALI voltage required for DALI devices is generated by the gateway. 64 DALI devices per channel can be supplied with power.

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